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Poetry Reading

Barbara Luck has written poetry throughout her life and was previously active in the books arts, making paper and printing letterpress books, broadsides, and cards, as Whirling Dervish Press. She apprenticed with artist Claire Van Vliet, who runs the Janus Press in rural Vermont. Night Street, a collection of Luck’s poems, is a limited edition book designed by Van Vliet to architecturally evoke both the menace and the vitality of a city. Night Street has been collected by 46 university and special collection libraries, including The Library of Congress, The Getty Research Libraries, and collections at Harvard, Yale, Smith, and Brown.  

Luck teaches English as a Second Language at the Vallejo Adult School and does freelance writing and editing. She’s taught English at SF State and Solano College, been an advertising copywriter, worked in graphic arts and commercial book production, and written a nutrition curriculum. Her first job out of college was acting in a touring children’s theatre, for which she learned to juggle. She lives in Vallejo with her husband and daughter. Due to lack of practice, she is likely to drop balls if called upon to juggle. 


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Reading: Jewish Community of Solano County

Vallejo Bookstore presents Bay Area author Rachel Raskin-Zrihen reading from her recent book "Jewish Community of Solano County" on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.  This event is free to the public.

Rachel Raskin-Zrihen moved from Los Angeles to Vallejo in 1996, was instrumental in establishing the local Jewish radio program Kol D'Var, and is a well-known journalist with the Vallejo Times-Herald.  Arcadia Publishing, which published "Jewish Community of Solano County" in 2014, describes the book as one "[containing] images and stories of some of the Jews who have impacted Solano County...the story within these pages travels from the Old World to the edge of [California's] Gold Country, where there lives a tenacious, though often invisible, Jewish community."  Ms Raskin-Zrihen will be joined by her co-authors Rachel Rae Moncharsh-Lessem and Shoshana Deutscher-Nurik.


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Poetry Reading: Q.R. Hand, Jr.
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Poetry Reading: Q.R. Hand, Jr.

Local poet Q.R. Hand, Jr. will read from and sign copies of his latest book "Whose Really Blues."

“Q.R. Hand’s poetry traverses the terrains of form, music, and language. This is an inspired, well crafted poetry that is political in intent and spirited in execution…” – Reginald Lockett, author of The Party Crashers of Paradise Taurean Horn Press.

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 Reading: Mala of the Heart
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Reading: Mala of the Heart

This collection of timeless poetry celebrates the eternal spiritual truth within each heart. Since ancient times, this hidden essence has been symbolized by the number 108. There are 108 earthly desires, 108 human feelings, 108 delusions, 108 beads in the traditional meditation mala, and 108 sacred poems in this anthology.

Filled with crystalline wisdom from the great poets, sages, saints, and mystics, this selection of poems is a collective expression of universal heart-filled wisdom. The poems span a wide range of cultures and civilizations — from India to Europe, Japan, and the Middle East — and each one offers a unique perspective about the path to awakening. 

Some of the poems express belief in a higher being. Some convey instantaneous awakening. Others lead the reader down a disciplined path of contemplation.

Ordered according to a broad interpretation of the heart-centered chakra model, these remarkable poems guide the reader toward realization and offer timeless jewels of insight to spark awakening and enrich spiritual practice.


“This ageless collection of divine poetry is a beautiful gift to anyone who seeks (or needs) a simple doorway to peace.”
— Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

“You hold in your hands a wonderfully crafted set of prayer beads, lovingly fashioned and illuminated in words.” 
— from the foreword by Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

“I can easily imagine this book being kept close to someone’s meditation seat and the poems being used — one by one — forever, over and over again, as sparks that light the way to wisdom.”
— Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

“These 108 poems are gems reflecting timeless love and wisdom — a treasure trove for the soul!”
— Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason

“As I sit in the evening turning my beads, remembering, praying, slowing down just a little bit, I open up Mala of the Heart, read one or two and am guided into a deeper place of being.”
— Jai Uttal, musician

“These mystic poets use their words to take us beyond words. Soar along with them in this beautiful collection, and find yourself inside the divine mystery.”
— Wes Nisker, author of Crazy Wisdom and Buddha’s Nature

“A superb collection of little mystical gems obviously selected with great sensitivity to contemplative life.”
— Larry Rosenberg, author of Breath by Breath


Kate Vogt: 

Kate is a lecturer, teacher  and author on yogic wisdom and.practical ways it can bring more ease and peace into our lives.  She has presented at the Asian Art Museum SF, contributed to international Yoga magazines and taught extension courses.  With a bachelor's in art history and a love for language she often draws on sacred art and poetry as a way to help Western audiences experience the universal themes of eternal truth that are within the ancient yoga philosophical texts.    Kate grew up in Western Kansas, lived in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, and has long been a traveler to different parts of the world.  She lives in Marin County, California with her husband Jay.  

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Happiness and Other Diseases - A Reading by Sumiko Saulson

Vallejo Bookstore presents Bay Area author Sumiko Saulson reading and signing copies of her latest book Happiness and Other Diseases on Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.  This event is free to the public.

Ms. Saulson describes Happiness and Other Diseases as “a dark fantasy set in contemporary times but rooted in Greco-Roman mythology.  These are not the gods who sit upon high in Olympus; these are darker creatures that reside in the Demos Oneiroi, the world of dreams.  It is conveniently located in Hades, at the point where dead souls arrive.  It is, strictly speaking, neither horror nor romance, it has elements of both running concurrently through it.  As such, it can also be considered a dark romance.”

For additional information on Happiness and Other Diseases and her other published work, visit www.SumikoSaulson.com.

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A Fond Farewell to Rar and Opal - Paintings by MaryJane Etchegaray-Szalan

Come by every weekend starting Friday, Dec 12th through January 31st to view art by MaryJane Etchegaray-Szalan featuring the lovely Rar and Opal Farmer as subject matter. We are proud to hang these pieces in support of MaryJane's whimsical talent, and love having the faces of our much-missed friends on our walls.

Join us for a reception on Saturday, Dec 13th from 2pm-3pm to meet the artist, and stay tuned for more events!

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