Book Donations

Vallejo Bookstore takes all books for donation, what we can't use we will make sure it goes to a good home. 

If you have a big donation please call ahead to make sure someone is available to help you transfer them from your car. 

We will also do house pick ups of large donations. If this is something that you need please let us know a week or two in advance so we can set up a time for pickup.

Book Buying

As of right now we will not be buying books. 

Check below for information about our trade policy.


Book Trades

  •  Please no more than 2 bags of books at a time, we have a limited amount of storage space.

    • ease no dropping off books, we will decide if we can use them in the store in a timely manner

    • For newer fiction and mystery genres, we would rather have paperbacks. For other genres, though, hardcovers may be accepted.

  • Please no books with highlights or underlining, however we love the enthusiasm.

  • Please no textbooks or encyclopedias

  • Pretty please no damaged covers or spines, stains, or mold